Tsubame Kotsu Co Ltd — Tsubame Limousine —

Tsubame Kotsu Co Ltd  — since 1951 with mind of hospitality

For your convenience, we offer reliable and safe drivers and cars to suit your purpose.

Taxis: They are cruising in the city and it is easy to catch a taxi anytime. (a fleet of 115 taxis for 24hours, 365 days)

Chartered Cars:We recommend them in case you need a prepared car and driver with style and comfort. (14 cars for charter)

Buses: For over 11 passengers, we can prepare a bus to suit your needs. (22 big & small buses)

Dispatch Center: 082 221 1955 is for ordering taxis.

We have a number of English-speaking drivers.



Miyajima Tour with Tsubame Limousine


Tsubame Kotsu Co Ltd