Tsubame Kotsu Co Ltd  — since 1951 with mind of hospitality

For your convenience, we offer reliable and safe drivers and cars to suit your purpose.

Taxis: They are cruising in the city and it is easy to catch a taxi anytime. (a fleet of 115 taxis for 24hours, 365 days)

Chartered Cars:We recommend them in case you need a prepared car and driver with style and comfort. (14 cars for charter)

Buses: For over 11 passengers, we can prepare a bus to suit your needs. (22 big & small buses)

Sales Department:080 2901 7349 (+8180 2901 7349) is available to answer in English various questions about your transportation.

Dispatch Center: 082 221 1955 is for ordering taxis.

We have a number of English-speaking drivers.


Miyajima Tour with Tsubame Limousine


Tsubame Kotsu Co Ltd

In case you need more information about your transportation and also for your sightseeing around Hiroshima, please call

How can we help you?? English speaking staff available!

if you have any questions about Taxi, Tour, etc・・・ feel free to call us!

080 2901 7349

Open Mon-Fri ,9am - 6pm (JST)